Saturday, 7 May 2011

~Ibu, Ratu Hatiku~

the special one..
i'm really honor to be your daughter

u are such a great mom..
no body can replace u...
because u are our strength..
in a joy, in a sorrow..

i just can't describe
how much
i love
i adore
i respect
i need
i thankful
i appreciate u.....

sometime i keep thinking, whether i can bring a happiness to u?
i can repay for every single love u gave to us?
i can be a good daughter to u?huhu...

no matter what...
i always try to give my best to you,
as long as i can breathe,
as long as i live in this world,
as long as i can see your smile..
u are simply meaning for me,

My pray, my love, my strength, my everyhting..will and always with u, MOM
Thanx, thanx,thanx...and thanx.....


hehe, jawa nyer i x khatam lg..btw, my english so terrible..maen langgar je..kui3..
"emak, i luv u lahhhh, muah (9oo juta kali).."=p

so, guys, being with ur mom...doakan mereka selalu..INSYAALLAH, kite semua memperoleh kesejahteraan, keberkatan dan kejayaan hidup DUNIA AKHIRAT..

heart my mom
heart all of u=)
thanx for reading..
as slm..

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